Star Europeans Day 2, Thunderstorm Nadine provides a semi rest day to the Star sailors

Day 2 of the 2018 Star European Championships on the Flensburg Fjord was marked by thunderstorm Nadine. Race director Claus Otto Hansen had already asked all 142 sailors the day before to secure the ships well for the night and set the earliest possible start for today at 2.30 pm, later postponed at 4.30 pm to let the storm pass; morning off so for the whole fleet. 

Surprisingly much water had been pushed out of the fjord overnight by the westerly wind, so that some boats woke up in the mud this morning. Water filled back in just in time to let the boats dock out and head to the racecourse.

The wind dropped somewhat in the afternoon, but there were still strong gusts at the top of the fjord, so that the race became a hard fight, especially because of the short and steep waves.

A few mast breakings and only 41 boats crossed the finish line - thus the reason why PRO decided to call it a day and postponed Race 4 to tomorrow at 12.00 (GMT+1).

British riders Ante Razmilovic and Brian Hammarsley, got the bullet in today’s tough conditions, followed by Croatians Marin Misura and Tonko Barac and Austrians Christian Nehammer with Florian Urban.

However, the overall leaders are still Augie Diaz (USA) and Bruno Prada (BRA), followed by Brazilian Lars Grael and Samuel Gonçalves (BRA), with Irish brothers Peter and Robert O'Leary making the third place.


All results in m2s:!/results?classId=94114451-6a39-46c4-9441-a554392c1365